Stop Coping - A Project for Naturally Healing your Psoriasis

11.01.2015 22:22

Stop Coping - A Project for Naturally Healing your Psoriasis,

Stop Coping - A Project for Naturally Healing your Psoriasis -by Alina Tudorache.

-Learn how to heal your psoriasis with concrete actions:


Do you want to heal your psoriasis? Does this question seem realistic to you?

Consider this: Reality is what you make of your life!

I am sure you got tired of hoping to heal. Maybe, at some point, you really healed for a certain period of time. You might have tried the same treatment and discover that it is not working anymore or it's worse for your skin.

I am also sure you have reached resilience with your psoriasis flares and episodes, with stress and pain. How about you stop coping with your condition & start acting towards improving it and HEALING? Could this be you?

Stay with me here. I want you to have a first impression on this journey I've set for you.

This course unwraps a holistic approach towards healing your psoriasis with concrete actions. Plus, you will gain the skills to depict the features of psoriasis natural healing and use them for yourself.

Why is this course unique? I am sure you have searched a lot online topics on how to cure psoriasis, been to several doctors, and so on. So I am positive that you might be wondering what could this course offer besides a good vibe that someone else is talking about psoriasis.

Well, this course is structured as a personal project combining a Ready-Steady-Go stimulus for you to heal. It will show you how to:

---> practice bath self-care techniques,

---> have a good scalp psoriasis management,

---> properly take care of your private parts,

---> approach the other areas of your skin,

---> take advantage of time-effectiveness, meditation, sports,

---> practice socialization, networking, self-esteem and confidence,

---> use herbal remedies, vitamins & supplements, clean eating

I'll be here along this course to guide you, to support you and to make you reach your goals!

I'll show you what worked for me since 2006, how I have proceeded without biological treatments, allopathic medicine, without a lot of money in my pocket or emotional stability, in the beginning.

Materials included: audio lecture, mind maps, infographic slides, a free guide, and more.

Why take this Udemy course?

I have fought with everything I have (myself and my life) to overcome this condition. I am here to show you how I did it and how you can do it. Allowyourself this gift. You know it will change your life.

What are the requirements?

  • If you tried different natural approaches and you still have psoriasis, do not worry. I will guide you on how to integrate every healing process in this course in your daily life
  • If you never tried natural remedies for your Psoriasis, this course will surely open a new perspective on how you can effectively treat yourself
  • If you already own natural remedies and knowledge about this topic you can use it throughout the course and enhance communication with other students
What am I going to get from this course?
  • Spot major healthcare techniques to heal your psoriasis
  • Boost your self-esteem and motivation to overcome psoriasis
  • You will be able to shift between different healthcare procedures and find what works for you
  • Readapt your mind and body to a new practical way to cure your psoriasis
  • Enhance your activities into a coordinated planning regarding work, leisure and healthcare moments
  • Choose the right methods and products to use in your daily life
What is the target audience?
  • This course is for anyone interested in learning about healing Psoriasis with natural remedies - the proper approach and tools will be offered
  • This course is not intended for those who promote the usage of Allopathic Medicine

by Alina Tudorache